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Search Marketing

Link Building, Blogging, Social Networking. None of them can get you into your customer’s search results consistently. Search Marketing from Allegra can.

Search Marketing Matters

It is likely there are people online, right now, searching for someone who does what you do. People who want to buy what you sell or use the services your organization provides. When these people are searching, are you the one being found?

Make it easier for people to find your business online. ClaimLOCAL™ helps you increase business through the search engine optimization techniques that help you get found by those people who are searching for what you offer.

Connect and Engage with Your Mobile Customers

You’ll also connect with a growing mobile audience. The “always-on” crowd of smartphone users can seek out nearby businesses, drop in and make a purchase. It’s all possible with local search marketing. And, of course this tactic helps boost your search engine rankings. By claiming listings with multiple online sites, your business can move up the page in local search results.

ClaimLOCAL™ includes:

  • A full review of your presence on up to 12 local search engines.
  • An assessment of industry specific online directories that are targeted to your business type.
  • A comprehensive profile created for your business listings on up to 12 search engines.
  • An improved online presence through population of your local business listings.

Talk to us today about claiming your local listings. We can make it easy.